Many reasons: Opener has failed, belt or chain has broken, power issues, springs broken, bearings broken, cables broken. Don’t try to fix it alone. The tension on the spring can be very dangerous if you’re not experienced.
You should oil you spring every 3 to 6 months depending on the environment. Other systems should be checked once a year to prevent unnecessary wear if something comes out of balance. We leave all our clients with a 7oz can of lubricant for spring maintenance.
It could be many reasons. Spring have a life span and they could just be at the end of that time. Rust will weaken a spring, Rollers not working properly could put unneeded tension on spring. Keep your spring lubricate
If your rollers are not working properly it can cause extra tension in all other systems. If you rollers are dragging not rolling you are adding tension to the springs, cables, drums and the lift motor. Properly sized, sealed ball bearing rollers can make all the difference.
Age, unbalanced doors causing the motor to work too hard. Electrical boards, usually in the cheaper model openers. Loose wires could be the cause, check to see if the wires are corroded or loose in the back of the motor. Sometimes this spark can cause circuit boards to get fried.
Let a trained professional diagnose the issues with your garage door. The longer you put it off the more systems will continue to deteriorate. Garage Doors Repairs can be very dangerous. The tension in the spring can cause a lot of damage to yourself or bye-standers in the area. Don’t work on your garage door with kids around, please.

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